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Thread: terrible usability on this site

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    terrible usability on this site

    The registration process is very tedious and if you miss a field, it resets the challenge question and your password. A location field really shouldn't be required. Also very difficult to post a trip report, a limit of 10 images !? The challenge questions are very annoying as well, they should really only be required for registration, not for every single post, awful useability here.

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    Hello, and welcome to the site. Thanks for the feedback on registering. Besides the usual username and password, there's only two required questions since you can leave "resort" at "none". Birth date is required on all forums unfortunately due to stupid regulations with users under 13 years old. We require location because it helps when people want to carpool or meet for trips up the mountain. I've removed the challenge questions for posts, but if spammers show up I'll have to reinstate them. Once you have a few posts the challenge questions aren't required anymore. I've tried using the Captchas before but they're easy to get wrong and spammers just outsource them anyways so they don't always stop spam. For the pics, just make a second or third post in your trip report to add more than 10 pics, you can post as much as you'd like with 10 pics per post.

    If you think of anything else that you don't like please post it here.
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